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The Tara's sons'

a trip in the place of the Myth

The hot winds of the South begin to blow, Poseidon with his call says that the hour of Tara has come.

And his sons already know what to do.


The first immers ones in the hostile dense vegetation take space.

They come from Massafra, Crispiano, Palagiano, Mottola, Statte, Lido Azzurro, and also from Taranto.


Some in search of refuge for the ardent heat, others simply hear the stories of its remote past.


Along its shore, sometimes impenetrable, beaches appear, places from the story.


The children play on unexpected springboards, whereas the adults are left to go in the arms of the Father.

Men and woman go down to the river. some of theme enjoy its cold water, others heal with its mud.


Everything is created from them.


The wind of the South takes rest. Satisfied Poseidon moves back, leaving the river with his sons: The Tara’s sons’.